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Waste and Effluent Management and Treatment

Operation of the Jardim Gramacho Metropolitan Landfill (2006 to 2008) that, for 30 years, served as the main site for final disposal of solid residues collected in the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro.

  • Operation of the Jardim Gramacho Metropolitan Landfill

On the storage basin the leachate is pumped and sprinkled, so the volume is reduced by evaporation. The treatment at tertiary level (through nano filtering) is performed at the Leachate Treatment Station (ETC). The complete process reduces in 97% the organic contents of the effluent, allowing it to be released with no damage to environment.

  • Leachate Treatment Station (ETC)

  • Debris Recycling with mobile equipment

As it is shown in this video news, the use of mobile equipment on each recycling stage (crushing, sorting and sieving) of the debris brings on environmental and economic benefits such as:

  • Less need of debris transportation leading to less traffic on public roads and reduction of CO2 emissions;

  • Reduced exploitation of natural resources by replacing natural aggregates by recycled aggregates to be used in paving works;

  • Longer useful life of landfills, as it prevents landing huge volumes of residues that are transformed into raw material and reinserted in the production cycle (circular economy). 

  • Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) of domestic waste

As it is shown in this video news, 600 tons/day of domestic/household waste that are collected all mixed (undifferentiated collection) are sent to a Mechanical Biological Treatment plant where they are subdivided in three main fractions, each of them are treated in full accordance with the Federal Law 12.305:


​        - Organic residues;
        - Recyclable residues;
        - Refused material (rubbish).

​This urban waste treatment plant located in Ceilandia, at the Federal District (Brasilia), is the only one in Brazil that produces organic compost certified by the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA), using a Mechanical Biological Treatment process to treat mixed household waste, unsorted at the origin. Since 2009 this treatment plant has been operated and maintained by Valor Ambiental – an associated company of AIESSE.

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