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The massive presence of water resources in our planet would be a good reason to change its name to Water, instead of Earth. However, just around 1% of this total is usable by living things*.

The water is already scarce in many regions. This affects not only the fauna and flora, but also the quality of life of all human beings that are living in densely populated urban areas.


There are sufficient water sources available but, more and more, these sources have been contaminated as sustainable technologies have not been applied to treat solid waste and wastewater that are daily generated in every house. It is a responsibility of the public authorities to provide these essential services for the population, meanwhile the private sector (industry, commerce, hospitals, etc.) also has the responsibility to manage and treat their waste and effluents in a sustainable way.


The urban waste treatment services industry in Brazil are in the very early stages. However, due to the recent legal improvements and increased energy costs there is a high expectancy that a turning point on this sector would be achieved soon. Through investments on modern urban waste treatment plants, important pillars of the Circular Economy, Brazil will be able to achieve their goals to avoid / reduce / capture emissions of Green Houses Gases (GHG).

As a member of the European Waste Management Association (FEAD), we have access to the most modern technologies available in the world, that are always adapted to the local aspects of the projects developed by AIESSE and its associated companies.


We believe that the private sector has a crucial role in the implementation of the infrastructure needed to ensure potable water supply and sewage collection and making investments in modern and sustainable urban waste and wastewater treatment plants.


These urban environmental services are essential to promote high standards in terms of life expectancy, health, education, and environment preservation, ensuring that future generations also can have a healthy and prosperous life.  


* Earth's Freshwater (

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